Boolean Buddhas

3D printed sculptures


The project began with this 3D scan, published with a public domain license on Thingiverse by Pieter Bos (his first upload!)

In Pieter's photo here, you can see the original and a 3D print of his model.

I used it as a test model on my Makerbot, as a way to tweak the printer's settings and to try out new paints and coatings.

Buddha Tests

Later, I began to play with the model using the open source 3D program Blender.

Buddha in Blender

I started to combine multiple copies of the Buddha model with simple shapes, using boolean operations.

Model in Blender

A "boolean operation" can take an object and add ("union"), subtract ("difference"), or intersect with another object. Here you can see how it works in two dimensions.


After the model is finished, it gets printed on the Makerbot. The Makerbot builds the model one thin layer at a time by extruding melted plastic. This shot shows a print about halfway complete.

Printing the model

The last step is taping and painting.

Taping the print

The final result.

Final result


I've made a limited edition of twelve prints for each sculpture. Price includes tax.
Shipping is $4 (US Only, email me for international rates)


I'm making the 3D files for these models available on Thingiverse under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial license.
Feel free to modify or print them.

Final result
Final result
Final result
Final result
Final result
Final result
Final result
Final result